I’ve had arguments at work with one of the managers as to whether Linux is up to the task of running an enterprise-class Web server. When I mention my record with Linux running this site, the manager dismisses it, never mind that this site gets more traffic than a lot of the sites we run at work. So I went looking this afternoon for some sites that run on Linux, Apache, and PHP, like this one does.
I found a bunch of small-timers.

Yeah, small-timers like The Times of London, which runs Apache 1.3.23 and PHP 4.1.1. The New York Post runs Apache 1.3.20 and PHP 4.1.2, but on Solaris. IT rumormonger The Register runs Apache 1.3.26 on Linux, and used to use PHP 4.03 (it’s not reporting a PHP version right now). InfoWorld runs Apache 1.3.26 on Linux. Byte and Dr Dobb’s Journal run on Linux, Apache 1.3.26, and PHP 4.0.4.

I tried a lot of other really big, high-traffic sites like the New York Times and CNN. I found more companies running their sites on Netscape Enterprise Server or Lotus Domino than I found on IIS, and usually running on Solaris.