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Windows XP networking advice

I ran into a problem yesterday with a VPN client not working in XP. After a Usenet search, someone suggested that removing the QoS client (which does nothing useful anyway) fixes the problem about 80% of the time. In my case, that worked.
If something networking-related isn’t working right in WinXP for you, try removing the QoS client and see what happens. At the very least, you’ll speed up networking slightly, and at best, you’ll fix the problem.

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3 thoughts on “Windows XP networking advice”

  1. Or you could just upgrade to Windows 2000. While I think Palladium will fail to even take hold – I think consumers will deflect it with their pocketbooks – I don’t foresee any reason to continue down the MS upgrade tunnel, er, path. I make my living by writing for MS platforms, but I knew my favoritism for MS was gone when .NET didn’t even make me shrug. And I was a *huge* COM/COM+/MTS fan. Now, the more MS releases, the more I hope platform alternatives – Linux and friends being the big horses here – gain momentum.

    Sorry, I started ranting there. Haven’t finished my first cup of caffeine yet… 🙂

  2. Well, in this case I was dealing with a client that seems to enjoy the MS upgrade treadmill, so an upgrade down to Windows 2000 wasn’t an option. Unfortunately.

  3. I like windows 2000 myself. We have been forced to sell windows XP. I dont mind XP Pro as it works somewhat, but XP home sucks. Especially for networking. What is the deal with copying some network drivers over to all non XP home systems? Do you know what i am referring to? Sorry about my fragmented sentences. I like to be free when i am expressing myself.

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