Is data privacy important?

I hear the argument all the time that if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about privacy. So is data privacy important? I’ll tell you why it is.

There was a very vocal element of society that was very anti-data privacy until 2021. Once the COVID vaccine was released, suddenly they became very concerned about their privacy. I hope that element of society learned some empathy from this. How they felt about their privacy is how the rest of us feel when it comes to large corporations tracking our every move.

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What is period correctness?

When talking about retro computers or any other collectible, sometimes you’re run into the term period correctness. What does it mean?

Period correctness is simply a term that means correct for the era. It means that an accessory or add-on came from the same era as the item you are using with, and the two items likely would have been used together when they were new.

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Cutting the bloat out of Windows 95

I’ve been messing around with Windows 95 on a 486 PC. When people think of non-optional bloat and windows 95 or 98, they usually think of Internet Explorer. But there were two non-removable components in the original Windows 95, when internet explorer was an afterthought in the plus pack, that date from Microsoft’s ambition to supplant Lotus Notes and AOL. Let’s talk about how to remove the inbox and MSN, and reduce the minimum requirements to 17 MB.

Why would you want to do this? Disk space isn’t a problem anymore, but the bloat does slow down Windows 95’s FAT file system. There’s no software you want or need to use today on a retro Windows 95 build that needs these components, so they are just wasting space and slowing down your disk. Even if you’re using a solid state solution. I covered this back in 1999 in my book, but it doesn’t seem like the information is easy to get anymore, so I want to revisit it here.

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