How to disassemble a Lionel 1110 or similar Scout locomotive

Disassembling a Lionel 1110 or similar Scout 2-4-2 or 4-2-2┬álocomotive isn’t too difficult. The biggest problem is knowing where the three screws are that you have to remove.

These particular locomotives weren’t really designed to be repaired, but there’s some basic work you can do on them with household tools. You can also replace dead motors with motors from certain other locomotives to get these trains running again if they have sentimental value to you. My 1110, which was my Dad’s first train, falls into that category for me, so I understand.

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Lead acid vs lithium batteries

When you’re comparing electric lawn mowers, you may find two comparable mowers at widely different price points. The reason for that, if you read the fine print, is frequently the battery type. The cheaper ones use lead acid batteries and the more expensive ones use lithium. So what’s the difference? Let’s compare lead acid vs lithium batteries.

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Best postwar Lionel transformer

What’s the best postwar Lionel transformer? Arguably there might be two contenders. But the Lionel KW and ZW definitely stand above the rest. Here are their advantages and disadvantages.

Arguably the best Lionel postwar transformer is the one you have. But if you’re looking for an upgrade, there are two worth considering above all the others: the Lionel KW and ZW.

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What a Torx screwdriver is used for

Torx screws are a modern screw bit with a six-sided star-shaped opening in the screw head. People will use a Torx screwdriver or screw in situations where they don’t want screws falling off the tip of the screwdriver, they don’t want to strip the head accidentally, or where they want to limit who can remove them. Torx is a trademark, so you also hear people refer to them generically as star drivers.

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