Lowe’s Flex power tools

In April 2021, Lowe’s started selling a line of cordless power tools geared at professionals called Flex. But who makes Flex power tools for Lowe’s? Where are Flex power tools made?

Elsewhere in the world, Flex is not exclusive to Lowe’s. But in the United States, Flex is a high end line of cordless power tools that Lowe’s hopes to sell to trade professionals such as builders.

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Change your computer name in Windows 11

If you thought changing your computer name in Windows 11 was just a matter of right clicking on an icon on the desktop, I have bad news for you. It’s not. That option hides from you now, though you can find it again behind a completely different right click. Here’s where Microsoft hid it.

The quickest way to rename a Windows 11 PC is to right-click the Start menu and click System. Right-clicking the start menu is a good trick to remember when you can’t find something in Windows.

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Why does my Roblox keep disconnecting?

My kids’ favorite video game is Roblox. And they used to have a fair bit of trouble with it disconnecting. Since I’m an IT professional, I tried to solve the problem for them. If your Roblox keeps disconnecting, or says lost connection, what I did for them will probably help you as well.

Roblox needs a solid network to stay connected. Switching to wired from wireless often helps, but in extreme cases, you may even want to consider trying another network card.

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Clean and polish Bakelite

Bakelite was the world’s first synthetic plastic, common in the first half of the 20th century but rarely used today. Many consumer goods used it into the 1950s, such as phones, radios and even some toys, such as Lionel transformers. When in good condition, Bakelite has an attractive appearance very distinctive from modern plastics. Here’s how to clean and polish Bakelite to bring out is unusual beauty.

Bakelite frequently is dull and dirty in as-found condition, but you can clean and polish it with household items. Bakelite frequently responds well to Dawn dish detergent.

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What is a user story?

If you work in IT or security, you are pretty much expected to know what a user story is. That can be a problem if your background is not in software development, or if your education or background predates the agile software development model. So what is a user story and how do you write one?

User stories are similar to milestones in project management. That was how it was first explained to me. But you don’t write a user story quite the same way that you would write a milestone in project management. The other thing is mixing the two can lead to miscommunication. I was once involved in a meeting where a manager insisted on using user stories, because he had been a software developer, but this wasn’t a project involving software development. So nobody else knew what he was talking about.

User stories are a product management or software development tool. They aren’t something everyone knows.

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Exit full screen in WinUAE

I always struggle to remember how to exit fullscreen mode in WinUAE, and it seems like everyone else wants to explain everything about the software. So here’s how to exit full screen mode in WinUAE, the Amiga emulator for Windows. It takes about three steps.

I often enter fullscreen in WinUAE accidentally and then can’t remember how to get out. You need to hit F12, then navigate the display menu.

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