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Digg v4 and lessons not learned

Digg was a high flying news aggregation site from the early web 2.0 era that still exists today, but really in name only. It serves as a cautionary too for why high profile websites tend not to make major changes overnight. A major update, Digg v4, caused the site to implode over the course of about 6 weeks during the late summer of 2010. A certain tech CEO would do well to read up on it lest he repeat history.

Digg went from concept to being worth $200 million in about three years and was more popular than Reddit, which is now a $15 billion company. One ill fated change wiped out 90% of its value and its user base in a matter of six weeks.

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Does mowing leaves work? Usually

I bought my house 20 years ago in October, and I remember telling one of my co-workers I needed to rake the leaves, and that was a first time I’d done that in years. And he gave me a puzzled look. You don’t mow your leaves, he asked. It felt a little like cheating, but it didn’t take him long to sell me on the idea. Here’s why mowing leaves works, and is actually a pretty good idea.

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Atari 800 vs Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 was the most popular computer of the 8-bit era, and I will argue that the Atari 800 was the most underrated computer of the 8-bit era. Ironically, some of the key designers from each system ended up changing companies when the time came to design successors to these two products, so they are forever intertwined. How did these two systems stack up? Let’s look at the Atari 800 vs Commodore 64.

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Lithium grease vs silicone grease

Unless they are something you use everyday, or at least every weekend, it can be difficult to know when to use silicone grease versus lithium grease. Here are their strengths and weaknesses compared to one another.  So let’s take a look at lithium grease vs silicone grease.

Although they are sometimes interchangeable, the important thing to remember is that lithium grease is not for plastics but it’s better for metals. Silicone grease is compatible with plastics.

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Intellivision System Changer

In 1982, Coleco dropped a bomb on the game console industry. Atari led the industry in sales, with Mattel, the toy maker, taking the number two spot with a slightly more advanced console called the Intellivision that enjoyed reasonable if modest success. Then Coleco came along with its own high-end console. One of Coleco’s gimmicks was an expansion module to make its console compatible with the Atari console, immediately making it have more cartridges than anyone else. Mattel decided to counter.

The Mattel System Changer was essentially the equivalent of the Coleco Expansion Module 1, just for a different console. The function is the same, but the outcome was a bit different.

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