Marx Oak Park station

The Marx Oak Park station is one of three tinplate train stations Marx produced during the post-war era. They replaced an earlier, smaller, and less ambitious station from the pre-war era, and solved more than one problem for Marx.

The Marx Oak Park station had a long production run, from around 1950 to 1973. Marx named the station after the home of a Sears executive they were negotiating with.

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Lionel 115 station

The Lionel 115 station is a popular centerpiece for pre-war tinplate layouts. While best suited for standard gauge trains, its design does lend itself to o gauge, and it was one of Lionel’s pre-war designs that went back into production during the post-war era. Its first run lasted from 1935 to 1942, with a revival from 1946 to 1949.

The Lionel 115 is the second largest station Lionel produced, second only to the 116 station, which has a similar appearance. Its design was inspired by New York city’s Grand Central station, but it used selective compression to give the impression of a big city station without taking the space that would be required of a true scale model.

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Remove a sticker from a laptop

Not everyone decorates their laptop with stickers. But what if you do, and you like those stickers and want to take them with you when you get a new laptop? Or what if you decide you don’t like one of those stickers and want to get rid of it without damaging the others? Or you want to get rid of the Intel or Windows stickers because you don’t want your laptop to look like a NASCAR racer. Here’s how to remove a sticker from a laptop.

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Hart electric mower won’t start? Try this.

I’m seeing a lot of people complaining that their year-old Hart electric lawn mower won’t start anymore. I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all. If your Hart electric mower won’t start all of a sudden, here are some easy things to try. It’s frustrating, but not difficult to fix.

When your Hart electric mower won’t start, it’s usually one of three things. It’s often the battery, the handle not being fully extended or locked, or the discharge, all of which are fairly easy to fix.

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Convert Marx 7-inch to 8 wheels

There’s a lot less interest in Marx’s short-lived 7-inch line, than in their other lines, but they can be useful cars. For example, with the appropriate trucks under them, they can add some variety to Marx’s metal scale cars. While they’re not quite 1:64 scale in most cases, they’re close enough that they look fine with them. Here’s how to convert Marx 7-inch to 8 wheels.

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Samsung QVO vs EVO

I saw a question come up the other day about two different Samsung drives. One of them is more expensive than the other, and that can certainly lead to questions, not to mention potential mistakes. So let’s talk about the difference between a Samsung QVO vs EVO.

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What happened to Sega

When I was in high school, the console to have was the Sega Genesis. While Nintendo thrived, Sega carved out a niche for itself catering to a more mature audience that had outgrown Mario. And for a few years, it worked really well, until it didn’t anymore. What happened to Sega? Why did Sega stop making consoles? Does Sega even still exist?

Sega hasn’t made a game console since 2001. After the commercial disappointment of the Sega Dreamcast, Sega tried, successfully, to reinvent itself as a software publisher.

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