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I spent some time preparing a new web server. It’s minimalist. I hope it’ll do the job. If not, hardware’s cheap, and this server’s doing a job that needs to be done. I really need to run this blog on something other than my main workstation. But there’s another reason.
Soon, I’ll be bringing another blog online. Not written by me. I don’t do this for just anybody, but this isn’t just anybody. I won’t say much, because I don’t know yet what it’s going to look like, but this person has the most important message of anyone I know right now, and will hopefully use this new forum to share that message. So that blog’s going online, even if it means I have to go buy a little hardware. I’m always willing to go spend a little money for a good reason.

This isn’t a solicitation for donations. But I do have a question. If anyone knows where I can get a good price on a SCSI card with a 68-pin connector on it, I’d appreciate the info. The best price I know of is $62 for a Tekram DC395UW at with cables included. I suspect that’s going to be really tough to beat.

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3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. I always did wonder about the hardware you were running at home and which OS’s you got running on those machines. I have seen mentions of several different machines, 350MHz K6-2, 400MHz Celeron, 700MHz Duron etc. I was a bit surprised to see that you were running this blog on your main workstation. Would that be the Duron running Windoh’s?

    /Dave T.

  2. Here’s a breakdown:

    Duron 700/384MB/18GB 10K SCSI, Windows 2000
    Dual Celeron 500/320MB/9GB 10K SCSI, Debian Sid
    Celeron 366/128MB/20GB 5.4K IDE, Debian 3.0
    Celeron 400/128MB/8GB 5.4K IDE, Windows 98

    I’ve got a K6-2/350 too, but I stole the memory from it and if I remember right, it’s got a bad drive in it. It’s got Debian 2.2 on it but the machine’s been sitting idle for a while. The Celeron-366 will get Web server duty since that machine’s in better shape.

    And I’ve got some junkers kicking around, low-end Pentiums and a 486, that I’ll build up from time to time to do something. They usually run some flavor of Debian.

    The Windows install on the Duron corrupted itself, so that machine’s sitting idle at the moment. It had pretty much lost its job as my main workstation before it died anyway. Great machine, but I don’t use Wintendo for anything but playing Railroad Tycoon or Civ or Baseball Mogul if I can help it. Or Adobe Premiere, since my only choices there are Windows or a Mac. And it’s been a long time since I’ve had any time for games.

    I’ve been doing almost everything for the past couple of months on the dual Celeron, and it’s starting to strain under the load.

  3. As someone who knows what Dave’s up to, I can attest that

    a) he shouldn’t be running this site on his workstation :),
    b) he has a lot of junkers, and
    c) the site he’s setting up will be worth every penny and second of effort he’s pouring into it.

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