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Who do you trust the least?

A subhead I saw on Wired News:
The case of is slated to go before a federal appeals court, which will hear arguments from an accused con man, a porn-site operator and the largest domain-name registry [Verisign].

Quick: Which of these three is the most dishonest?

The lawyers have to be loving this one, because they’re absolutely guaranteed not to be the most hated people in the courtroom.

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3 thoughts on “Who do you trust the least?”

  1. I know. Also remember, they didn’t forget to invite a spammer to this Hall of Shame meeting. Verisign’s the spammer.

  2. Well, the porn-site operator is at least up-front (sorry!) about what he’s doing. Maybe not desirable, but honest. Then we have the maybe con-man. If he’s guilty, then at least he did it retail, not wholesale. Then we have Verisign.

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