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The coolest thing that happened to me, personally, in Belle Glade

A group of us was prayer walking–walking the streets, talking to people as we see them and offering to pray for them, and praying for situations as we saw them–when we came upon a church.
In Belle Glade, everyone believes in God, but not a lot of people go to church. So when we came upon a small church, our pastor suggested we stop and pray for the church, its pastor, and its staff.

When we finished, someone was watching us.

Pastor looked up and saw a woman standing on the second-floor balcony of the apartment complex across the street from us. “Are you watching us?” Pastor asked playfully.

“Yes I am, sir,” she said, grinning.

“What’s your name?”

“Caroline, sir.”

“Caroline, can I send some of my guys up to pray for you?”

“I would like that very much.”

So I ran across the street and up the stairs with about 10 other people. We found out Caroline has asthma and sometimes it gets to her, and her closest family lives about 30 miles away. So we made a circle around her and prayed for her.

After we finished, she thanked us, gave us each a hug, and asked our names.

“When y’all”–everyone’s y’all in Belle Glade–“walked up to that church, I just felt the presence of the Holy Spirit out there, so I had to come outside and see what was going on,” she said.

That doesn’t happen every day. Not even every lifetime.

“And I prayed earlier today that someone would come see me today.”

That doesn’t happen every day either.

Lots of things happened down there that I was involved in, but usually I was in the process of trying to prevent something from happening and not aware of what was going on. This was the coolest thing that happened where I was a willing participant.

I’m working on a video about our recent mission trip for my church. In about 4 1/2 hours, I was able to produce about 5 minutes’ worth of acceptable audio, and probably three minutes’ worth of acceptable video. As more still photos come on line, the video will increase.

I’m off to a better start than I expected. But don’t expect large volumes of content here this week. An hour of editing per minute of video is a really good rate of speed, and I’m supposed to have a 20-minute video mostly done within a week.

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2 thoughts on “The coolest thing that happened to me, personally, in Belle Glade”

  1. are you going to put the video on tape or dvd? I just got a Phillips DVD recorder and will spend a large chunk of my July 4th weekend copying my digital videotapes to DVD…

  2. I’ll be mastering on miniDV tape, and when it’s shown in public for the first time, it’ll be off miniDV.

    For distribution, we can do transfers to standard VHS really cheaply, so that’s probably going to be our main distribution medium. We’ve talked about offering it on DVD as well, but that’s going to depend on finding a DVD burner, duplication costs, and whether our group is willing to pay for it. If we can get it on DVD for $5 apiece it’ll probably happen. But if the cost is closer to $10, I doubt many people will want to do it when we can provide it on VHS for $2.

    DVD would be nice for the permanence factor, and for allowing the group members to make their own high-quality copies down the road (one of the intentions of this video is to help raise funds for future mission trips–so that when someone asks, “Why are you doing this?” they’ll be able to say, “Watch this and see.”).

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