Tip: Use a TV stand or cart to hold train transformers

Last Updated on December 5, 2015 by Dave Farquhar

Once your train layout outgrows a single 80- or 90-watt transformer, finding room for a larger transformer (or bank of transformers) gets difficult.

A TV stand suitable for a CRT television (remember those?) provides a nice solution. I’ve been using my old TV stand for a good 7 years.
The transformer(s) can go on top, where the TV would normally go, and you’ll have space left over for accessory buttons if you need them. The shelves and/or cabinets make a good storage area.

If you have a TV stand you aren’t using anymore, that’s a good way to repurpose it. If you don’t have any such thing, they’re pretty easy to find secondhand these days, and you can buy a new one for under $30.

It helps to get one with casters, or put casters on it. The stand I’m using now doesn’t have them. You won’t find yourself having to wheel it out of the way very often, but I don’t have that option at all with mine.
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