School’s out, school’s out, teacher let the monkeys out! Those that didn’t leave on their own free will, thta is. I’d do a comprehensive review of the class, and maybe I still will, but I think this says it all. There were 36 people enrolled. By the time the second afternoon break was over, 14 remained.
I got addresses of a few useful Web sites, but they’re in my car and I’m not. I’ll post those later this week.

I’d post all the new secrets I learned so my readers didn’t have to take the class, but frankly I didn’t learn anything that isn’t already common knowledge. I think I’ll post some of the things that were left out though.

Like this: If you don’t want a particular NT/2000 workstation to participate in browser elections or force elections, shut off the Computer Browser service. This will reduce network traffic and give a very slight increase in workstation performance. Remember, you need to have one browse master and three backup browsers per network segment, so be sure to leave the service enabled on four machines per network segment.

If you don’t want your 95/98/Me PCs participating, go into the properties of the File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks and clear the Participate in Browser Elections checkbox. You don’t want one of those machines serving as a browse master.