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Classes are for appeasing middle management.

Argh.. Classes. Well, my first day of Windows 2000 school is over. All we did was talk about how MS assimilated certain features from other products (NDS, Win98) into Windows 2000. The longest time we spent on any single topic was TCP/IP. Now granted I’m not an expert on TCP/IP, but I know more than most, and all I need to do my job (and hobby). That which I don’t need to know off the top of my head I can find in 15 minutes or less. I did pick up a couple of tricks I’d forgotten about, but memory’s a funny thing. Frequently a problem will trigger the memory.
I kinda feel bad for wasting my employer’s money on this thing. But I want to move up, so I do what I have to do.

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2 thoughts on “Classes are for appeasing middle management.”

  1. Dave,

    You’re not wasting the money if its valid training, despite your previous knowledge. In a few days you’ll have a certificate you can include as part of your formal "skills" package. Its great for your resume and good for your employer to support your qualifications. Consider it a benefit. Usually they are too few available. At least you get to visit your sister and some old friends and hangouts! See you back at work in a few days. BTW, your boss just dropped off some more equipment for you to look at when you get back. Hey are you sure you’re in KC and not Puerto Rico for the Miss Universe Pageant? Bring back some bbq to prove it! 🙂

  2. Equipment for me to look at? Now I’m in trouble.

    You’re right, it’s not a waste in that I have more credentials behind me, and that piece of papaer theoretically makes me more promotable, so that’s a benefit, but as far as what I learned by doing it… I could learn more by staying home one day and reading all the NT/2000 sites. Or a good NT/2000 book.

    But hey, now I can give Ben the same training I had. We’ll just go up to the lunchroom one afternoon and I’ll read him the book I got from the class. That’s pretty much all my instructor did.

    And speaking of BBQ… Everything you’ve ever heard about Gates BBQ is true.

    Welp, time to eat some dinner, then go hang out with some old friends.

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