Internally, a Marx 709 differs little from a Marx 1209, so those instructions work for actual repair. But disassembly is a bit different, so I’ll walk through the disassembly process now.

Safety first! Before you take a transformer apart, do a safety check. That way you know what you’re getting into.


There are four tabs on the top of the transformer. Use the thinnest flat-bladed screwdriver you can find to carefully bend these tabs straight up, as shown to the right. Finish the job with pliers once you get the tabs bent up to the point that pliers can fit underneath. Bending these tabs is by far the hardest part of the disassembly process. Once the tabs are straight, the cover lifts straight up.

Marx_709_openWith the cover removed, you can see the core and the wiper. Unlike later transformers, the handle and wiper are an integrated piece. Check the connection between the wiper and the hot post on the side of the transformer closest to the handle. Also check the insulator to the left side of the transformer. Replace or resolder the wire if necessary, and repair or replace the insulator as necessary.

Marx_709_cordFlip the transformer around to check the power cord. If the cord is frayed, you will need to replace it. Also check the wire connection to the base post, clearly visible on the far left side of the picture to the right. Reinsulate or repair the wire as needed.

marx_709_core_tabsTo remove the core, there are two tabs on the underside of the transformer (inside the two holes in the center) you will have to straighten. After straightening those tabs and removing the posts from the side, the transformer core will lift out so you can replace the power cord. Replacement is exactly like the Marx 1209.

To reassemble, replace the posts, replace the transformer core, twist the tabs on the underside, replace the wiper/handle assembly, then slide the case straight down. To re-bend the tabs, I find the easiest way is to gently tap them down with a small hammer.