I’ve been avoiding the subject. Time to quit. I wrote this last night, then I found a good way to crash a Linux box (a good electrical storm does the trick) and lost it.
Has anyone else noticed that you’re more likely to find someone to talk to you, listen to you, and understand you in a bar than in a church?

That bugs me because I’m supposed to be one of those guys you come to for those three things, and I take a whole lot more than I give in that area. People my age just don’t come, because when they do, everyone acts like they’re not there. Yours Truly included, because I’m up in the loft, behind a pair of keyboards and monitors or a video camera, too busy making sure the right images are projected up on the screen. I’m too busy pursuing some ideal called “Excellence in Worship” to have any time for a stranger.
So, we so-called “leaders” just huddle, comfortable in our little clique, marveling at the 50 people joining our congregation next month, completely oblivious to our hundreds of inactives and people who visited, then decided to go find somewhere else to get their needs met. Hopefully they went to another church. Chances are a good number of them decided they’re just as well off staying out later on Saturday nights.

So I’m mad. Mad at myself as much as anyone. But something has to change. It doesn’t matter how excellent your service looks when the sanctuary’s only half full.