Country club churches. I had a conversation with my good friend Brad about country-club Christianity. We didn’t come up with any great answers but I think we took a couple of good steps. What’s not being in a country club look like? Talking to strangers, that’s what. And I think I know what the last line of the conversation should be. Not, “Nice to meet you.” Your mama taught you to say that, because it’s polite. It’s what everyone expects to hear. You shouldn’t say that. You should be rude. I think those last words should be, “I’m glad you were here.”
And you better be glad he or she was there, because God is.
Now, here comes the important part: follow-up. Remember that person’s name. Pray for that person during the next week. Make sure you pray for the chance to see that person again. If you didn’t care about that person on Sunday, I guarantee you will after you pray for ’em for a week. Then, on the next Sunday, find that person again and make sure you say something. I don’t think you should necessarily tell that person you’ve been praying for him or her. It seems to make people nervous.

I don’t know how the conversation should go. You figure it out. You’ve made friends before. But I still think you should be rude and close with the line, “I’m glad you were here.”

And don’t forget the follow-up. And if the person’s not there next Sunday? Find another stranger. But don’t forget the first one.

Neither Brad nor I have any idea what will happen if a lot of people start doing this. But I know nothing bad will come of it.

Something else. Tomorrow I want to talk about Linux some more. And I want to talk about cubes. Cubicles at work? No. Apple Cubes? Not exactly. I saw one of these yesterday and I want one, so chances are it isn’t from Apple.