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More TurboLinux

Server update: I broke it. That’s the way you learn. I’m thinking I’ll go live with it June 1 anyway.
I found a really cool feature though. TurboPkg is an RPM utility that comes with TurboLinux that queries an FTP server, compares the packages there with the packages you have installed, and highlights the packages that have been updated. Run it after installation (kind of like running Windows Update on W2K), then run it periodically to make sure you’re up to date. I thought Mandrake had something similar but I’m not positive–I have to admit I have Mandrake dual-booting with Windows on a couple of machines, but I don’t use Linux as a workstation much, and when I do use it I don’t pay much attention to the GUI–I open a console and execute just about everything from there because it’s a lot faster to just type an app’s name than it is to dig for its stupid icon. I love it as a server OS but for day-to-day work I use Windows, mostly because that’s what I make money writing about.

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