I’m playing with b2 0.61, which comes very close to feature parity with Movable Type. The only thing MT has that made me jealous that this newest version of b2 doesn’t is allowing multiple categories per post, which is something. I remember a Ted Williams tribute I wrote after he died that someone told me belongs in “human interest” rather than “baseball”–permitting multiple categories neatly fixes that problem.
But pingbacks and trackbacks are there, so I can interact with other blogs and they can interact with me, which is good.

On another front, I’ve managed to pull down all of my old content from editthispage.com (October 2000-April 2001), which Steve DeLassus and I are trying to massage into a form suitable for importing here. I did it in a very crude fashion–I set my display preferences to display 365 entries on the front page, then I downloaded my page with wget and I manually stripped out the obvious cruft. Very inelegant but it mostly works.

As for the custom b2 code Steve wrote, I’m getting closer to getting it into a form that’s distributable. The PHP calendar he modified for my use is history, replaced with one by Alex King that integrates more nicely with the rest of b2 and follows Mark Pilgrim’s accessibility guidelines nicely.