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Long day.

I’m still not completely recovered from the trip. I find myself running out of gas around 5 pm and needing a half-hour nap to make it to 10-10:30.
I did some PHP maintenance coding at work today. It’s definitely not pretty but it mostly works. I’m hoping to finish that project up tomorrow sometime.

I played my first softball game in my work league last night (I missed the first game of the season). We won, which was nice. I’d forgotten what it feels like to win a ballgame, since my church team is 0-3-1 with me in the lineup. I missed a total of three games while I was gone. But last week was worth a lifetime of softball championships, so I don’t care too much.

I went 0-for-2 with a run scored. I was too eager to swing the bat. The opposing pitching had a really hard time throwing strikes, so I should have just taken the walks rather than trying to hit the best pitch I could find. I’m not a doubles hitter this early in the season.

On the plus side, I made two putouts in left field and mostly looked like I knew what I was doing, at least on those plays. I misplayed the first two grounders to me, but on the third one I nearly threw out a runner at third. Aside from a couple of innings in left last year, I haven’t played there since high school gym class. It’ll come back to me. Just like my bat will.

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