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I want to go live with the new server…

And for a few minutes last night I had it cranking. It was fast and wonderful until I got into the forums. Everything was there, but when I tried to read the messages, I got error messages. I’ve had that problem all along. At first I figured the problem was due to the files being stored somewhere else under TurboLinux, so I reconfigured Apache to store everything in /var/www like it does under Mandrake. Then I figured the :8080 in the URL was throwing it off. So I flip-flopped the two servers, so as far as YaBB knows, it hasn’t moved. All the permissions are the same on everything. But it still can’t find the files if I move it.
I’m really sick of this P-120’s speed, or lack of it, especially since I’ve got a Celeron-366 sitting under my desk in a case that once housed a Pentium-75 (how’s that for irony?) that’s fast and lovely and chomping at the bit to go.

We’ve got 149 messages on the forums at the moment. A couple of the topics are active. Nothing’s stopping me from grabbing the text of the messages and dumping them somewhere on the site where the search engine can still find them and the wisdom (or lack thereof) they contain.

Anyone have any thoughts? If there aren’t any big objections to it, I’ll make the move tomorrow night.

In the meantime, I’m not feeling so great. So I think I’ll just rev up the Farquhar Time Machine, make my server think it’s Tuesday, post, forget that there are such things as e-mail and telephones, and call it a night.

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