My new server is up and running, and let me tell you, it’s spectacular.

And if you’re reading this on 6 March 2012, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, because everything looks just as slow as usual. That’s because the new server is still behind my firewall because I’m struggling to get my content all moved to it.

I have about 13 years’ worth of content here (the content I wrote between October 1999 and March 2000 is lost to the ages, and most of it probably is no great loss). WordPress has a very handy import/export function, but when I import my content, it only grabs about the first four years of it. And if it’s only going to choose four years, I think I’d rather it grab the last four rather than the first four.

I’m still investigating why, and I suspect my best bet for getting all of the content moved is via a SQL dump file. That’s not my strong suit, but my latent skills have brought me this far, so I should be able to finish the job.

I would have liked to have switched from Apache to Nginx, but it’s pretty clear to me that the difference it would make is minimal. From my local LAN, WordPress posts load instantly and I haven’t done any optimizing on the WordPress side yet. My Internet connection is going to be the limiting factor on this machine, not my lack of cutting-edge software.

And it does appear that 8 GB of RAM and an SSD makes a nice LAMP server. I hoped it would.

If you’re wondering why I’m not writing about something else today, that’s why.