Customize Firefox before it hits the ground on a new PC

Here’s a nifty-looking program: Firefox Addon Maker, which allows you to create customized Firefox installer packages.

This is helpful if you install Firefox a lot, whether in corporate or home settings.
Here’s what I’d immediately do with a package like this. I install Firefox to a ramdisk at drive R: by default. I also use Adblock Plus with the malware domains subscription at the very least. So I could make those changes. I can also include plugins.

It also has the option to include your profile data, which is nice if you have a situation like mine–I have a desktop that I use most of the time, but I also have a laptop that I take on the road that I’d like to keep as similar to my desktop as possible.

I also keep Firefox installed on relatives’ computers for them, with things like Adblock Plus with Malware Domains, Better Privacy, and Vacuum Places installed, to keep things running securely and quickly. This will allow me to build an installer once using the long-term support build, install it on all of my relatives’ machines, and they’ll be good for a year without me having to locate and download all of the add-ons. Downloading the add-ons isn’t too bad, but I always have trouble locating the Malware Domains subscription–it never seems to be in the same place the next time I look for it.

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