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I could ping my router, but not the rest of my network

I don’t know what happened, but my Ubuntu Linux server crashed hard the other night. And when I brought it back, the rest of the network couldn’t see it. I could ping my gateway (router), and the server was pulling an IP address over DHCP, and the rest of the world had connectivity to it, but I couldn’t ping anything else on the network. And my Windows machines couldn’t connect to it.

I tried changing network cables and changing ports because that helped once in the past, but not this time. Finally, I found a command.

mii-tool -r

And that worked! The command forces the network card to renegotiate duplex. Suddenly I could ping, and I could connect.

Then I found I had a database corruption issue with WordPress. Scary. But since the screen indicated MySQL had been what died hard, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

WordPress stores its MySQL database name and password in wp-config.php. I copied down that password (mine was obnoxious) and entered the following from from my SSH connection:

mysqlcheck -h localhost -u wordpress -p --repair --extended wordpress

It prompted me to enter the password. Copy and paste saves the day.

It took a little while, but fixed all the issues, and brought the site back to life.

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