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Here’s a promising site

I’ve been poking around at For music junkies like me who want to know absolutely everything about their favorite songs, this site’s a fix. They’ve got something to say about the majority of the songs U2 and Peter Gabriel ever recorded. It was interesting to find out what Gabriel’s “Here Comes the Flood” was really about.
Their story about U2’s “A Day Without Me” (an early single) isn’t the story I heard. They claim it was about a friend of Bono’s who attempted suicide. I heard it was about Ian Curtis, the late singer of Joy Division.

Here are some songs they don’t have facts about. (I’d submit them if the process were easier; maybe this weekend.)

“Pictures of You,” by The Cure:
Lead singer/lyricist Robert Smith lost his wallet. Then he wrote this song.

“Want,” by The Cure:
Lead singer/lyricist Robert Smith was sitting out in his yard, feeling dissatisfied, so he wrote down everything he wanted. The list became this song.

“Love Will Tear Us Apart,” by Joy Division:
Debuted on the Robert Peel Show and became the most-requested unreleased song in Britain.

Was supposedly a cynical response to the song “Love Will Keep Us Together” by The Captain and Tenille.

“The One I Love,” by R.E.M.:

Usually misinterpreted as a love song, or less often as a love-gone-wrong song, the song is actually about lead singer Michael Stipe’s favorite BBQ joint, which burned down. (Hence the wails of “fire!” throughout.)

“Voices Carry,” by ‘Til Tuesday:

Written about a fight between lead singer Aimee Mann and her boyfriend, who just happened to be Michael Hausmann, the band’s drummer.

“Drive,” by The Cars:

Although this is usually interpreted as a love song, the song is actually about mental illness.

“Somebody,” by Depeche Mode:

Originally written as a song that lyricist/backup singer/guitarist Martin Gore could sing and play alone on stage to give the rest of the band, but mostly regular lead singer Dave Gahan, a break during concerts. It became a hit.

Enough useless trivia. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. “Drive” isn’t about mental illness exactly – it’s about being in love with someone who’s addicted to drugs. (As are many of the songs on “Heartbeat City,” including “Magic.”)

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