My realtor called the other day and asked me what garbage disposals cost. The answer, of course, is that it varies, but it’s definitely possible to estimate.

A basic, 1/3 HP Insinkerator disposal costs about $85 at the big-box stores. They cost about $10 less at Amazon. Most hardware stores carry a house brand that’s identical to a comparable Insinkerator for $60-$70. Some stores also carry no-name disposals made by Moen that cost $10-$15 less than a comparable Insinkerator. Barracuda is one example.

I prefer Insinkerators because Emerson makes them in the United States. I like to buy US-made products when I can. Moen makes its disposals in China.

Prices go up from there. You can spend upwards of $300 on a 1-horsepower, multi-stage unit that’s supposed to be quieter. But most people will be happy with a unit that costs less than $100.

A handyman can usually install a disposal in 30 minutes if you already have one. It goes faster if you replace a unit with another unit with the same mount. Insinkerators all have the same mounting system. Anaheim has its own mounting system or an Insinkerator-compatible system.

If you don’t have a disposal now and the handyman has to run an electric line and redo some plumbing, it may take a couple of hours. Material costs will also increase. Expect another $30-$50 in materials if you don’t already have a disposal.