What garbage disposals cost

My realtor called the other day and asked me what garbage disposals cost. The answer, of course, is that it varies, but it’s definitely possible to estimate.

A basic, 1/3 HP Insinkerator disposal costs about $85 at the big-box stores. They cost about $10 less at Amazon. Most hardware stores carry a house brand that’s identical to a comparable Insinkerator for $60-$70. Some stores also carry no-name disposals made by Moen that cost $10-$15 less than a comparable Insinkerator. Barracuda is one example.

I prefer Insinkerators because Emerson makes them in the United States. I like to buy US-made products when I can. Moen makes its disposals in China.

Prices go up from there. You can spend upwards of $300 on a 1-horsepower, multi-stage unit that’s supposed to be quieter. But most people will be happy with a unit that costs less than $100.

A handyman can usually install a disposal in 30 minutes if you already have one. It goes faster if you replace a unit with another unit with the same mount. Insinkerators all have the same mounting system. Anaheim has its own mounting system or an Insinkerator-compatible system.

If you don’t have a disposal now and the handyman has to run an electric line and redo some plumbing, it may take a couple of hours. Material costs will also increase. Expect another $30-$50 in materials if you don’t already have a disposal.

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