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Dual AMD processors, coming soon definitely maybe

The latest on AMD. I read yesterday that dual motherboards supporting Palominos (the next rev of the Athlon core) will be released June 4. These will be server-oriented boards, and thus very pricey. It’s an interesting strategy, because I would think Dual-AMD configurations would be more popular in the enthusiast market and the pointy-haired bosses are leery of putting anything but Intel CPUs in their server closets (better not tell ’em their Sun, SGI, and IBM RS/6000 servers ain’t Intel-powered, huh?). More on that in a second. The rumor I heard (and most of this should probably only be counted as rumor) said the boards will require 450W power supplies with a special supplemental connector, similar to the P4’s extra connector. No idea if it’s the same as the P4’s supplemental connector, but that would have made a lot of sense.
Obviously, if the boards will be out and use Palominos, that means the Palomino will have to be out on or before that date if there’s to be any hope of selling these boards.

The only part of this that I would bet my life on is the 450W power supply requirement. AMD probably could release it in that time frame, but they’re selling every CPU they can make, in spite of the slowdown in the PC market. So why the server play? Easy. AMD owns the enthusiast market and can pretty much count on owning that for a while yet. But AMD wants a piece of the server market, because that’s a slower-moving, higher-margin market. To get that, they have to have industrial-strength boards from top-tier makers and a solid chipset. AMD doesn’t have a lot of chipset experience, let alone SMP experience, so they want to make sure they get this right. That, I think, is the reason this has been so long in coming. They’d rather miss some target dates and deliver a solid product than come in right on time with something that’s still buggy.

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4 thoughts on “Dual AMD processors, coming soon definitely maybe”

  1. At least there is possibly one company interested in delivering a quality product unlike Roxio, and their Easy CD Creator 5 which will slaughter your Win2K system.

  2. Yeah, makes Nero look better all the time, doesn’t it?

    It’s a shame, because I remember when Easy CD Creator was far and away the best program of its type on the market.

    I forgot to mention that particular problem. I guess I assumed everyone reads The Register, which isn’t the best assumption.

  3. I broke out Nero the other night when I was trying to burn some Mandrake 8 ISO images. "Easy" kept crashing everytime I tried to run it on my Win2k system. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and still no go. So I broke out Nero and it ran just fine. Though finding out how to burn an ISO image took a little web searching. It isn’t nicely documented in Nero on how to do it. But all is good now, so there is no reason for me at least to use "Easy".

  4. That is one of my only gripes with Nero Burning Rom. It’s hard to use. People will come to me all of the time asking "How do I do xxx in Nero?" "What does xxx feature do in Nero?"

    I wish these guys would make a slightly more user-friendly product and produce a very good, clean manual. It’s not *that* hard, is it?

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