In case you haven’t heard about it elsewhere, there’s another VBS-based worm floating about, similar to the Anna worm earlier this year. This one includes a template called homepage.html.vbs. It e-mails itself to everyone in your address book, then opens one of four adult websites in your browser.
My usual advice about never opening any unexpected attachments applies here. Like I’ve said a million times, it’s much better to miss the joke than to infect your computer. If someone doesn’t tell me an attachment’s coming, I immediately reach for the delete key. Some attachments are harmless, but if you don’t know enough to know which ones are (and how to tell the difference between a GIF/JPEG/HTML attachment and a VBS attachment that’s trying to look like a GIF/JPEG/HTML attachment), you’re much better off just deleting it and protecting yourself and everyone else.

Don’t count on your anti-virus software protecting you. I’ve seen many a PC with anti-virus software on it that never updated itself, even though I configured it to do so. Plus, if you get the virus before your anti-virus vendor gets it and writes a fix and your program downloads the update, you’re totally unprotected.

I also suggest you add a line to the end of your e-mail signature that says something like, “This message should have no attachments. If there are any attachments, don’t open them because I didn’t put it there.” Just remember to delete that line if you do send attachments.

Consider yourself warned, today and every day.

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