A longtime friend asked me (along with a couple of other friends) for an opinion on the ethics of using feeding tubes as life support.
I have a lot more problem with taking a tube away than I do with giving one in the first place, personally. If a person is, as my dad used to say, “that warm blob over there, which shows no brain activity and no response to stimulus,” then it’s a non-issue. Pull the tube, let go, and let the person go. To me, that’s not a gray area.

Whether you give the tube in the first place is another question. The answer, for me, if it’s me, is yes, but I’m a fighter. If something has a one in a million chance of working, I take it, so I don’t ever regret not having taken that chance. So in my case, give me what I need in order to be able to fight.

I have a lot less problem with not giving the tube in the first place than I do with giving the tube and then taking it away later. Unless the person stops being a viable life form.

But that’s just me.

She’s looking for other opinions. Anyone else have any?

Don’t argue amongst yourselves; if this turns into an all-out war, I close the thread and I post absolutely nothing to the site for the rest of the month. Just post your opinions. I hope I made that clear.