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A worthwhile link for Christians wanting to stay in touch with the rest of the world

One of the seminarians from my church pointed me to a Christian pop-culture magazine this past week: Relevant.
For a Christian Gen-X type like me, it seems like a good mag. Christians need to be different from the rest of the world, a point Pastor brought home in his sermon this morning, but if we totally cut ourselves off from it, we’re not doing what God told us to do. You can’t reach the world if you can’t relate at all to it. So you have to walk the line between understanding and immersion.

It talks about and reviews both contemporary Christian and secular music, and its recommended movies list hit home.

It’s no substitute for going to church or other resources for living the Christian life; I think of it as a Details-like magazine that’s more sensitive to my beliefs. But that’s certainly welcome.

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2 thoughts on “A worthwhile link for Christians wanting to stay in touch with the rest of the world”

  1. A few years back I was really disenchanted with the modern music and entertainment world. A mere handful of folks making the top 40 along with actors and actresses becoming divas and superstars with outrageous incomes dictating how our society should behave, think, and dress? So, I boycotted any of the awards shows and limited TV for better quality shows, and listened to my favorite music only, etc.

    It was a short time before I realized that I was becoming irrelevant–who was Brittney, Christina, and Eminem? As a parent of 4 children and also a S.S. teacher for High School kids, I found out these people were thrust on kids in every media and that I needed to be aware–not isolated.

    Sure there are some of these bad examples, which eventually became a joke to the kids, but there are still others who do make a positive stand that the kids do relate. It surely gets the discussions going during devotions. No, I don’t have to like the new trends and stars, but I do need to be aware. It does make an impression on the kids that I am at least aware of the culture changes.

    It’s a missionary field out there! The second thing you need to know for missions where ever you go is their culture. You know the first.

  2. Cool link–I just had to send it on to a few other people, including our pastor. It will be interesting to follow this perspective on my sons’ culture.

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