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An easy way to get Debian 3.0 before you can buy it

Debian 3.0 hasn’t officially been released yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from making unofficial installation floppies and CDs.
I just built a Debian 3.0 system that will be hosting this site and another (I’m not going to talk yet about the other site, but it won’t be hosted by R. Collins Farquhar IV–do I hear cheers?–and it won’t be fiction). I used this 185 MB CD image to do the install. The system used up a whopping 88 megs when I finished initial installation. After I installed Apache, MySQL and PHP4 to make a usable web server, disk usage rocketed to 118 megs. Not shabby at all in this era of multi-gigabyte installs.

My only beef with it: This particular disc installs a very dated kernel (a 2.2 kernel compiled with GCC 2.72–eww!) and the pre-packaged 2.4.18 kernels don’t support a lot of common hardware, so you’re a whole lot better off compiling your own kernel when you’re done.

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2 thoughts on “An easy way to get Debian 3.0 before you can buy it”

  1. Hey Dave,

    I know you’re a fan of Debian rather than Yellowdog linux, but I read something today on Yellowdog’s site that you might like. Apparently Yellowdog has decided to adopt the apt-get command from the Debian project. The latest release of Yellowdog (YDL 2.3 – releasing on friday July 5th) is including that command.


  2. Dave,
    I used the same iso and it installed 2.4.28 kernel and it works on a machine thats three years old. I’m pleased with Debian volunteers. They did a great job.
    I really enjoy your articles.

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