I did a server migration, mostly from home, today. We’ll find out at what cost later. Batch files did the bulk of the work, but I underestimated a few quotas when I prepped in advance a few weeks ago, and it took a few hours to straighten that out. Funny how a handful of users always eat up your time. And it’s almost always the same users.
I couldn’t help but notice some of the filenames flying by as my manual copies went on. Now I know who installs software on their network drives. And one or two other people appeared to have dumped their Windows system directories to network drives, which left me wondering why? If Windows breaks, it’s right there on the CD. I don’t understand end-users anymore. Maybe I never did.

I watched Eight Men Out afterward. I remember watching that movie with my dad, years and years ago. It had too little baseball and too much behind-the-scenes stuff in it for me then. I liked it better this time around. It was as much the story of a pitcher facing the end of his career trying to take care of his family as it was the story of a handful of guys throwing the World Series. I guess I had to be older to appreciate that aspect.

I’m hoping I’ll be back up to speed tomorrow. But now, I’m headed off to bed.