In a conversation today, I referred to Mark Pilgrim’s excellent 30 Days to a More Accessible Web Site.
This is must-read material. I confess to being guilty of neglecting most of the things in this piece, even though I would have gained substantial benefit from some of it at a recent point in my life, when I wasn’t able to operate a mouse and could barely keyboard.

I implemented the “add titles to links” feature. It required me to hack some PHP and is certainly the most substantial thing I’ve implemented without Steve’s help. It’s not much but it’s nice, even for those who have no disabilities–now, when you mouse over a calendar entry, the title of the entry pops up, like a tooltip. And for those using speech readers, now my calendar starts to make some sense.

As a bonus, some of this stuff will make Google treat you better if you implement it.

Read it. Download a copy and save it to your hard drive. And start implementing it.