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Ye Olde Nintendo 64

I fixed up a Nintendo 64 this past weekend. I have an inherent bias against almost anything that reminds me of 1997, but I found a number of things to like about the system after spending a few hours with it.

Using s-video gear with Commodore monitors

Commodore and Atari used an early implementation of s-video on their home computers in order to show off their computers’ advanced-for-their-time graphics. Many monitors sold for those computers featured compatibility with this feature, which was called “separated” or “y/c” composite or at the time. JVC called the feature “s-video” when they started using it on […]

How to connect a Commodore 64 to a television

It is less than obvious how to connect a Commodore 64 to a modern television, especially if your C-64 didn’t come with the cables or the manual.

There are, as it turns out, several ways to do it.