Marvel Mystery oil in a snowblower

Last Updated on November 21, 2018 by Dave Farquhar

I’ve had such success with Marvel Mystery Oil in my lawn mower than I’ve gotten questions about Marvel Mystery oil in a snowblower.

Yes it will work. It will work in any gasoline-powered yard tool. And I would expect the same results. It works in small engines, it works in cars, and some pilots even use it in airplanes.

I use Marvel Mystery Oil in all of my yard tools that run on gas. It makes them more reliable. Image credit: Hugo90/Flickr 

The problem with gas is that it’s engineered for modern cars, with computer-controlled fuel injection. Cars are smart enough to adjust to the gas you put in them.

A snowblower, lawn mower, or anything else like it is not. And the alcohol in gas gums up carburetors. No problem in cars, which no longer have them, but it means frequent $50 repairs to clean them out in other tools. If your tools worked better last year than they do this year, it’s not your imagination.

Marvel Mystery Oil and the competing Sea Foam Motor Treament help clean out the gunk before it becomes a big problem. I started using it about four years ago, and it made starting my small engines much easier. The first time I start them up for the season they can be hard to start, but after I’ve used them a couple of times, they work smoothly.

I would supplement it by using 93-octane gas and synthetic motor oil as well. If you can get alcohol-free gas, use it, but that’s hard to find in Missouri. The ethanol lobby is strong here.

The other thing you can do is use Tru-Fuel instead of gasoline. You can buy it at hardware stores. But it’s expensive, at about $6 per quart. It’s much cheaper to use Marvel Mystery Oil instead.

Since I live in Missouri, I don’t own a snowblower. I’d only use it a couple of times a year. But if I did, I’d treat it exactly like I treat my lawnmower, and I would expect identical results.

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