I’ve been incredibly, incredibly busy. I’ve been working overtime, I’m still trying to work through my backlog of short consulting gigs, and I’ve been dealing with one of those with-friends-like-that-who-needs-enemies? problems, and, yes, a couple of sniper-type comments on the site this past month or so really torqued me off.
I really wish b2 or WordPress had a Slashdot-style comments system, where registration was required for comments, and users could vote up or down the karma of comments, so that snipers could be, basically, shouted down by the masses. I can insert some commentary from R. Collins Farquhar IV in some of those messages, but that requires energy too. Energy I just haven’t had recently.

I’ve got some spam-type stuff in the works, and I’ve been playing with a new MP3 jukebox system. If I don’t get it working, I’ll probably be back asking for help; if I do get it working, I’ll be back with a report.