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Wrapping up the week with thoughts on oppression

I’m on my way to Kansas City to torque off NOW… I’m going to a Promise Keepers rally. I heard you go to things like that to learn how to oppress women. Although the way I read the PK message, it’s more along the lines of this: Get off the couch, turn off the football game and pay some attention to your family.
So, anyway, I’ll be spending some quality time at Arrowhead Stadium, far away from any computers. I’m rooming with three other guys my age, so this weekend will be just like college, only with better roommates. Those of you who’ve e-mailed me, I got your mail (I think), and I’ll get to it when I get back.

Speaking of oppression… One of my buddies e-mailed me at work with a link to a Fox News story (I can’t find it now). His only comment? [sigh]

The story, which I can’t find now like I said, talked about people forcing others to take down their flags because the United States is oppressive. (Yeah, buddy! The answer to oppression is more oppression! Rock on! Gotta get me some o’ that!) So when I wrote back, I was less succinct than he was:

If they feel oppressed, then let's ship 'em to Indonesia for a few years and then we'll see how they like the United States after that.


It’s an unfortunate fact of human life that we don’t all get the same opportunities. I go into the inner city and see lots of people who never had half the opportunities I had, even though they live all of about 15 miles from where I grew up. I feel bad about that. That’s part of the reason why I do some volunteer work. And when someone comes up to me and asks me to teach them how to do something, if it’s something I know how to do and how to teach, I do it.

Truth be told, I don’t run into complainers very often. Usually I run into people who are just trying to make the most of what they do have. I admire that. The reason why I have stuff is because my parents’ parents (on both sides) were the masters of making the most of what you have, and they taught my parents how to do the same, who in turn taught me.

And oppression is relative. There are plenty of people who will risk their lives and everything they have to be the poorest, most oppressed people in the United States, because that’s better than anything they’d attain back home.

In Indonesia, women are treated like sheep and cattle. They have no choice about wearing makeup–they can’t, period. Not that it matters because they have to wear veils. They have to cover themselves head to toe. The world would come to an end if one of them flashed an ankle. And you can’t go out–even dressed like that–without permission from your husband or brother.

We’ve got a long way to go.

As do they.

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3 thoughts on “Wrapping up the week with thoughts on oppression”

  1. Dave,

    Western culture might be viewed as (and might well be) decedent, gluttonous, sinful, wasteful and lazy, but it sure beats most of the alternatives.


  2. That’s not ALL of Indonesia – seen the photos of Bali? What it is, is ALL of reactionary Islam (I originally wrote fundamentalist, but that’s not right – Islam doesn’t mandate what these people are doing, any more than Christianity mandates what the Spanish Inquisition did). Certainly not limited to Indonesia, although as you imply many people don’t realise how widespread that is in Indonesia, unless they’re trying to keep track of how many Christians have been murdered, churches burnt (often with the congregations locked inside), houses of Christians ditto, etc.

  3. Dave:
    Go to Town Topic burgers and have one for me, would you? Feeling homesick. Or…go to Ponaks and order the excellent nachos.

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