Windows Medkit cleans up the damage after removing malware infestations

I’ve written before about cleaning up Windows boxes using a Bitdefender Live CD, but the live CDs often don’t clean up all of the collateral damage that the malware does to try to keep you from uninstalling them.

That’s where Windows Medkit can come in.

A couple of years ago, I cleaned up a bad infestation for a coworker, but then had to fix his run menu, his .exe file association, and numerous other things manually. If I’d known about this program, it would have saved me about a day’s worth of manual work.

I’m not positive it would have fixed everything wrong with that system, but it would have quickly gotten his web browser and Regedit back in working order, along with undoing several of the other most common malware misdeeds, so I would have been able to easily get the information I needed to fix anything else.

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