Why was I cruising Lindbergh on a Friday night?

Last Updated on September 30, 2010 by Dave Farquhar

“Honda!” a teenager yelled out the window as I sat at a stoplight at the intersection of Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry roads. I was in a lineup of tricked-out cars. Mine was the least tricked out.
I was in between Christian bookstores. I’d been out in search of whole-wheat pasta, black pillowcases, and two people I know. I found the whole-wheat pasta. I hoped one of the Christian bookstores would have the last thing on my list. Lemstone had all their books marked down by 20% because they were moving. They had about 12 books left, total, in the store. None of them was what I was looking for. So I braved the cruisers and headed off to One Way.

I was searching for Date…or Soul Mate? How To Know If Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less by Neil Clark Warren. I read another one of his books five or six years ago and it helped me then. He has some good advice.

I have a few motivations for reading this particular book, and regular readers can probably guess most of them. Maybe all of them.

I found it, in the Men’s section, of all places. There were more books on singlehood in the Men’s section than there were books about dealing with being male. Including some written by and for women. I may have to revisit some of the others. I’m thinking I’ll post a review of Date or Soul Mate? when I’ve finished reading it.

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