How to find the IP address for Roku

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Sometimes you need to know the IP address of your Roku, especially if you have a complex network at home. It’s buried a bit in the user interface, but you can find it. Here’s how to find the Roku IP address.

There are several reasons to want to find the IP address. Maybe there’s a strange device on your network and you want to know if it’s your Roku. Maybe you want to set up QoS for some reason.

Where to find the Roku IP address

Where is the Roku IP address
There are two places in the Roku UI you can find the IP address.

Finding the Roku IP address isn’t super difficult. From the Roku home screen, use your remote to navigate to Settings. From there, navigate to Network, then to About. The About screen will tell you several things about your Roku connection. The IP address is the four-octet number separated by periods in the third line. On a home network, it probably starts with 192.168.0 or 192.168.1. The line underneath that, labeled Gateway, will look similar, but don’t let that confuse you. That’s not your Roku’s IP address. That’s your router. They will be similar since home networks aren’t very large.

As with many things, there’s more than one place to find this information in the Roku user interface. You can also navigate to Settings > System > About. Your IP address will be the third line from the bottom. This screen takes a few more steps to get to and doesn’t let you change anything, but it’s still helpful.

Other useful information near the Roku IP address

The Network screen inside Settings is useful for troubleshooting in general. The status tells you whether your Roku is connected to your network. You can also see if you’re using a wired or wireless connection. Sure, you can look for a wire, but just because there’s a wire there doesn’t mean it’s necessarily connected and working. You can also find your Roku’s MAC address, also known as its physical or hardware address. This has nothing to do with the Apple product; MAC stands for Media Access Control and is a cross-platform, industry-wide standard for networking. You’re also likely to see the MAC address in your router, and you can use that to verify from the router side that your Roku is connecting.

From here you can also arrow down to Check Connection to test your Internet connection. If it’s poor, here’s how to fix it. You can also navigate to Set up Connection to switch from wired to wireless. Keep in mind that switching from wired to wireless will cause the IP address to change.

If you want to see both your wired and wireless MAC addresses, you’ll have to navigate to Settings > System > About. From there, you can see the inactive connection as well as the active one.

When you’re finished, push the home button on your remote to return to the Roku’s home screen. Happy streaming.

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  • December 3, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    It’s nice to know that there is a way to get that information from a Roku. But if you’re ever faced with a mystery device where you just can’t find a way to obtain it, and you have administrative access to your router, you can also get it from there. Unplug the device (or disconnect it from wireless) and look at the table of connected devices on your router. Then reconnect the mystery device and check again. There should now be one more connection, and it’s the one that you just connected.

    Some routers will shift a device from active to inactive rather than removing it from the list when you disconnect. It will shift back to active when you connect it again.

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