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On Saturday night we stopped at Wendy’s for dinner. It wasn’t an intentional choice–we would have preferred something more distinctly Indianapolis, but the St. Louis area Wendy’s franchisee went bankrupt, so there are only a couple of Wendy’s left in St. Louis, none anywhere near our house.We ordered a chicken nuggets kids meal for our son. One of the workers must have been new, because he just put the nuggets and fries on the tray–no bag, no nothing. The manager walked up, looked at the tray, and said, "What are you thinking?" They pulled the fries and nuggets back, and my son started crying and screaming.

He knows what’s his. And he knows when he’s hungry.

Into a bag they went, and the bag appeared on the tray again while I tried to console my son.

"You made that baby cry," they said behind the counter as we walked to a table.

They put two toys in his kid’s meal though. I guess that was to make up for the mistake.

One of the toys was a carousel. He loves carousels, but on Saturday night he didn’t know that yet. That’s another story.

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