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Watch this space: Microsoft buying Universal

It’s going to be really interesting to see if Mark Stevens Robert X. Cringely is right about this.

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4 thoughts on “Watch this space: Microsoft buying Universal”

  1. What a minute, Cringely thinks Jobs is the best salesman in the world? Wrongo! He’s pretty good, but only good enough to get 6% of the people to spend more money than they need on a computer that looks better than it works. Bill Gates is much, much better as he sold an inferior system to over 90% of the world. That’s salesmanship!

  2. Another reason to not buy music conventional means, mebbe?

    Microsoft’s record outside of PC software ain’t that great…

  3. Ugg… Why does Cringley think that Jobs runs everything at Apple?

    I dunno. Interesting commentary, but I don’t think he’s on the money…

    And Richard: “Microsoft’s record outside of PC software ain’t that great…”

    Are you implying their record in PC software is great? 🙂 I guess you mean $$$

  4. Hey, Dave. I have an interesting question for you.

    My friend and I were looking around one day on the web, and we noticed this thing called mod_suru for Apache.

    Well, we also decided $239 was a lot to pay for something like that. So we have gone about deciding to make our own.

    Upon reading the source for a few other Apache mods (a LOT of which are very well-documented), we have determined that it is possible. We’re just a little confused on the implementation.

    My question to you (since you know more about Apache than we do): Does this actually require a mod, or could we do this with a Perl script of some sorts?

    A text-processor like Perl seems perfectly suited for this, but I’m not sure how to make it generate those changes on-the-fly just based off of referrer data. I guess maybe that’s why it is a module? Other ideas I have had involve adding other programs, configuring a bunch of junk, and even adding delays to things to make sure it can keep up with the load – not acceptable when you’re getting thousands of hits an hour!

    Well, if you come up with any interesting ideas, we’ll have a web page up by the beginning of next week with a CVS repository:


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