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Usage caps for solving problems that don’t exist

If you haven’t read, Southwestern Bell AT&T is solving a bogeyman problem of network congestion by imposing usage caps of 150 GB per month for standard DSL, and 250 GB per month for U-Verse (fiber). Use of AT&T’s own IPTV, VOIP, etc. are exempted from the usage limits, of course.

They cite network congestion, but really, this is more about making certain that non-AT&T services like Netflix, Skype, Vonage, etc. have a competitive disadvantage over AT&T’s costlier services.

I wasn’t a problem child before. But suddenly, I feel an urge to ensure that I’m using as close to my 150 GB cap as possible. Last night I downloaded about a half gigabyte worth of device drivers. Hey, I might need those someday!

Actually, I do have a good use for those. And there’s another few hundred megs where that came from. Those are next. I’ll write about that after I finish that project, assuming it works as promised. And Windows 7 SP1 will chew up another gig. The question is, what can I go get after that? I’m still looking for ideas on that. Useful is good. Not harming innocent bystanders is also good.

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  1. I’m dealing with Comcast and haven’t hit a limit yet, but I have downloaded all of the USGS topos and ortho photos for Central California plus similar files, which are quite useful to me – while wife spends much time on chat rooms, etc. and has discovered TV shows online.

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