I see that Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the now-convicted mastermind behind the abduction, imprisonment and killing of Daniel Pearl, has been sentenced to death by hanging by a Pakistani court.
Sheikh’s lawyer called the penalty “unjust and harsh.”

Let’s see. You kidnap a newspaper reporter strictly because he was an American and a Jew, on the assumption that he hates Arabs. (And it was an assumption, as any idiot can read Pearl’s writings and figure out really fast that wasn’t the case at all.) You hold him for ransom for a month in inhumane conditions. You ignore the pleas from his family and employer and country to free him.

You force him to read propaganda into a video camera, and when he finishes, you thank him by having your flunky goons sneak up behind him and kill him inhumanely. Then you don’t even give the guy a respectable burial.

In the end, in return, you get a comparably quick death by hanging. As you await this fate, you live in conditions more humane than those you provided for your captive. Your flunky goons who carried out your orders get 25 years in those same conditions. Meanwhile, you gain martyr status among your flunky followers.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. So, yeah, I buy half his lawyer’s argument. Unjust? You bet your life. Harsh? Hardly. What did he expect? A pension and a retirement home in Bermuda?

Good thing he gets to stand trial in a higher court after death, where he’ll get true justice.