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Ugh. I just got home.

I’ve been out partying. Actually, yes I have. I just got home, and I’m wondering if I’m getting too old for this. One of my best friends is moving to Colorado on Wednesday, so tonight was his going-away party. A lot of people are going to miss him.
Other stuff… What was up with yesterday? Yesterday’s positive karma of 9 has to be my record. I guess I’ll have to tell more work stories or something.

And tomorrow later today I’ll be driving up to Montana Creve Couer to visit Steve DeLassus, who just built a Duron system with minimal phone assistance from me. We’ll do some more tweaking with it, I’ll see if I can coax a little more speed out of it, and I’ll rile up his dog, seeing as the only thing I have to do to rile up Buster is, well, show up.

I wish I had some great, spectacular, wonderful content for you today, but that’s pretty much all I’ve got. And I think it’s time to crash.

Well, I thought it was time. I fell off the ‘net there for a minute. My Linksys router just decided to quit forwarding port 80 for whatever reason. I re-ran the setup and it worked fine. It was faster than cycling power, which might have worked too. But I’m understandably nervous now. Maybe I need to go back to a Linux box for routing.

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  1. On that note, I recently built five Duron 750 systems around the FIC AZ11 mainboard you recommended with nary a problem. This is a nice setup for the right price. Thanks for the tips.

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