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Two good Weblogging sites

I realized this week that there are people I just don’t understand, probably because I don’t know anyone like them. And I lamented that I had this great tool, the Internet, and that a lot of people were using it to record their deepest thoughts, and there’s no better way to understand people than by reading the thoughts of people, but I didn’t know a good way to find a Weblog that matched a certain criteria I was looking for.
Then this morning I ran across Why I Log, an effort to reunite the Weblogging community by collecting a bunch of short essays saying why they do it. Getting back to basics and re-answering the “Why on earth am I doing this?” question is always a good way to regroup. Plus, you immediately know something about a link before you click on it–the reason why, and the logger’s first name. That’s much better than finding a stray link to someone else’s blog on a site you already read.

And from there I found The Ageless Project, which takes another approach–grouping Weblogs by the age of the author. If I don’t understand someone, I can go try to find a Weblog written by someone roughly their age and sex and maybe cast a little light into the darkness.

Neither of these tools is anywhere near complete–Ageless lists dozens of sites, not thousands like And Why I Log currently only has about a dozen entries. But that makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.

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