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The way baseball ought to be

The way baseball ought to be, the way men ought to be. The story of community and an adopted daughter. This story needs no further comment from me.

4 thoughts on “The way baseball ought to be”

  1. Thanks – with the Randy Moss thing in the media here, it’s nice to know there are some good guys in pro sports.

    And for what it’s worth, I’d happily trade you that story for the one we’ll be reading in a couple of days. “Twins swept in three straight” or something similar…

    Thanks, Dave.

  2. Another reason why I stand by my Royals, I guess.

    But John, be glad the Twins are managed well enough to actually make it to the post season. The Royals broke my heart in 1984 when George Brett and a bunch of 20-year-old kids like Bret Saberhagen made it to the playoffs only to get steamrolled by the Tigers. But compared to the struggle not to lose 100 games, I’ll take a playoff bid that fails in the first round any day.

    But I would rather watch a losing team full of good guys like Mike Sweeney and Joe Randa and Raul Ibanez and Paul Byrd than a winning team full of jerks or, worse yet, crooks. KC never stood for that. When they were rocked with a drug scandal in 1983, all but one of the players involved was quickly traded or released.

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