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The reason for last night’s weirdness

Steve was coding last night, so if the site was acting really goofy on you for a while, that was why. Meanwhile he got a few chuckles out of some minor changes I’d made to the code myself. Now we’ve got a recent comments sidebar, which’ll help me keep up with conversations on those really old threads. That’s always a good thing…

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2 thoughts on “The reason for last night’s weirdness”

  1. Unfortunately, this comment has absolutely nothing to do with the preceding article; I would have emailed you this question instead, but I couldn’t find an email link on your page. I’ve recently ‘upgraded’ to Win2000 from ’98, and am a bit confused by this OS. I was wondering what kind of tweaks or optimization ideas you could offer to make it faster & more efficient (changing to Linux is not an option, unfortunately). I was also wondering if there were any W2K FAQ pages or reference pages you could direct me to so that I could learn some of the nuances of this strange world I find myself in.

    Thanks in advance.

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