There’s a plaza over by our house that’s home to, among other things, a pet store, a license office, a Chinese food joint, a mattress store, a haircut place, a Radio Shack, another cell phone store, and a pizza joint. My wife was there last week, getting ready to pull out of the parking lot, when a funeral procession approached. She stopped to stay out of the way.

The pizza delivery guy behind her didn’t.

He zipped around her out of the parking lot, waited for the last car, turned on his flashers, cut off the car behind the procession, and pulled into line with his tires screeching. Funeral processions have right of way, you know, so he was going to get through the next several lights if his bright idea worked. Or maybe just one light, if the procession happened to be going to the cemetery right around the corner.

He might have fit right in to that procession too, if it weren’t for that pizza delivery sign on his car. That was kind of a dead giveaway. Pizza delivery signs aren’t designed to be subtle. And, come to think of it, being a Dodge Neon with faded, peeling paint didn’t do much to help it blend in with that lineup of shiny, clean cars. If we were playing a game of one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others, our kids would pick him out every time.

And apparently the pizza delivery guy wasn’t the only quick-witted guy there that day. As he approached the light, the cop sitting at the light pulled out in front of him and stopped. He didn’t pull him over. He just made sure he would have to sit through that red light. I guess you could say he cop blocked him.