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The Nexus 7 looks promising, if slightly flawed

I haven’t mentioned Google’s upcoming Nexus 7 tablet yet. If you haven’t heard about it somehow, it’s a 7-inch, quad-core tablet with 1 GB of RAM, priced at $199, and running Android 4.1. So think of it like a souped-up Kindle Fire.
The worst thing I’ve read about it is that the $199 model only has 5.92 GB of usable storage left on it. To me, the 16 GB model, priced at $249, would be the way to go, but you can fill 16 GB (of which probably 13.92 GB would be available) pretty quickly too.

Beyond the technical details, Ifixit says it’s possible to repair. In fact, it’s right between the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet in repairability.

The other fault I find with the device is the lack of any kind of SD card slot. That makes sense–Google wants you to use the device to stream content from the cloud, because that’s where they’ll make their money. I’m more interested in locally stored content, which means I’m not the kind of profitable customer Google is seeking.

That’s the main reason I haven’t ordered one yet. To me, the ideal tablet would have specs along the lines of the Nexus 7, but allow me to swap in SD cards so I can rotate 32 GB of storage in and out of it.

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