Various sources are reporting Sun’s plans to begin charging for StarOffice. Sun, meanwhile, is mum on the subject.
Nowhere has anyone reported that Sun, by the strictest definition of the word, already charges for StarOffice. You can buy it at retail. It’s fairly cheap, but we’re not talking five bucks. I’ve seen a retail-boxed StarOffice 5.2, with Sun’s logo on it, at Circuit City within the past year. Price was about 40 bucks, as I recall.

Sun is mum on the subject. It could be that Sun plans to charge $100 for it and take away the free download. Or it could be that 6.0 will cost $40 at retail but remain downloadable for free on the Web. It’s anybody’s guess, precisely because Sun hasn’t said anything yet.

It’s non-news until Sun announces a shift from current policy. But this isn’t the first time non-news has garnered attention and it won’t be the last.

One more thing. On a completely unrelated note… This picture really scares me.