CES is this week, and undoubtedly there will be a lot of different things showing, but I can’t imagine anything being more important than this: The first ready-to-use home 3D printer.  3D home printing is going to change the world, and this device is the first commercially available printer that you don’t have to assemble from a kit.

This is an industrial revolution in a box.
If you need something, you’ll be able to design it on a computer, and the Cube 3D will print your object out of ABS plastic. If you don’t have the ability to design it, you’ll be able to download parts and print them. Undoubtedly some parts will be free and others will cost money.

Lawyers are not going to know what to do with this. Once these devices become just a little bit widespread, they are going to be as disruptive as the VCR was.

The price will be a barrier, but will come down.