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The Feit Electric G25 LED globe from Costco

I spied a 3-pack of LED globe bulbs at Costco last week, priced at $20. This is a ridiculously good price on LED globe bulbs–typically I see them at $15 apiece at the home improvement stores. After verifying that, I picked up a package to try out on my next Costco run. While they aren’t the best LED bulbs I’ve seen, they’re easily the best deal I’ve seen on LED globes, and I’ll be buying more of them.

They can pass for incandescent globes unless you look closely–the heatsink is no larger or more obvious than on a CFL globe. The light is about 3000K. I prefer 2700K in living areas, but 3000K is perfectly suitable for a bathroom, which is where you’ll use these. They turn on instantly and kick out 500 lumens while consuming 8 watts of power. There are more efficient LEDs out there, but I haven’t found any in this form factor, and the price is right.

While they may not be any more efficient than CFL globes would be, they’ll last longer. I have a motion-sensing light switch in the bathrooms–and trust me, with two young kids, having them is a huge help–but that means the lights go on and off a lot. I haven’t really tracked how long CFL bulbs last in there, but it’s not much longer than a year, which is much shorter than everywhere else in the house. I still have CFL bulbs I bought in 2008 in some fixtures, and I think the bulb in the garage dates to 2005 or even earlier. LEDs are less sensitive to being on for short times, and the Lights of America LEDs I put in one bathroom last year have fared well. Unfortunately Costco quit carrying them, so I can’t buy any more of those.

So, I have three Feit Electric LED globes now. I’ll be buying more soon.

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