The Bobj rugged case for tablets is a good buy

I picked up a pair of Bobj rugged cases for the two hurricanes I spawned, or, more precisely, for the tablets my two hurricanes got for Christmas a couple of years back.

I sure wish these had been available then, because there’s a lot to like about these protective cases.

First of all, you can get them in tame black, or in bold colors that kids like. My boys opted for bold colors–nothing wrong with that. Second of all, they work.

The cases are made of absorbent silicone rubber, and they envelop the tablets with a good, thick layer of shock absorption. A nice side effect is that they make the tablets easier for kids to hold, as well.

The price is good, too. They generally cost about as much as a replacement screen costs, but if you buy one, your likelihood of ever having to buy a screen goes down. Ask me how I know how easy it is to bust those screens without a case. Newer tablets have less inherent protection than the older, bulkier, less-cool tablets from the turn of the decade.

The only downside is that there’s no flexibility with these cases–you’ll have to match the make and model exactly for them to fit and work. Always navigate to Settings, About Tablet to verify the exact model number of your tablet and buy the right one. There are several variants of Memo Pad HD 7, for example, and the fit is a bit different for most of them.

If Bobj makes a case for whatever tablets you have, it’s worth picking one up. The price is right, the durability is fantastic, and they make the tablets easier to find and use.

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